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Gina Nicoloso

4503 NW 41st PL
Gainesville FL 32606

Hometown Preferred Practice Location: First Choice Second Choice Third Choice
Tallahassee Tallahassee, FL , ,


Biographical Information

I was born and raised in Tallahassee to immigrant parents. My mom was a teacher and my dad an architect. They always stressed the importance of education to my sister and I, and have been an important support system throughout my educational years. I am the first in my family to venture into the dentistry field, and that was due to my experience with my family dentist growing up. I saw the same general dentist my parents and sister went to, and I loved that my dentist and the staff knew my whole family. To this day the staff still ask about me to my parents. I absolutely love that dentistry helps people become healthier, and has a more personal relationship with patients than any other medical profession. I am aiming to be not only be a competent dentist with technical skills, but also with interpersonal skills that forge similar relationships as what I had with my dentist and his staff growing up. I hope my passion for dentistry will benefit my patients to become educated and involved with their dental care

Short Term Practice Goals

I will be graduating on May 19th 2017. I intend to come back to my hometown community of Tallahassee and practice as a general dentist. I want to be close to my support system of my family and help the community that helped raised me. I hope to find an associate position that allows me opportunities to become a meaningful and helpful person in my patients’ lives.

Long Term Practice Goals

I am longing for a professional mentor-mentee relationship in my employment opportunity. I would love to be able to have a mentor relationship with the senior dentist or other associates to aid in my continuing education as a general dentist so that I can learn from their experiences. I would then love to continue a mentor relationship with any junior dentists I may work with in the future. I aim stay up to date with latest dental advances, as education is important to me. I plan to put my own roots down in Tallahassee and establish myself as a member of the community.

Practice Opportunity

  • Associateship with ownership long term
  • Associateship with ownership short term
  • Employee without ownership
  • Practice purchase