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Kimberly Nguyen

1204F SW 14TH Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32601

Hometown Preferred Practice Location: First Choice Second Choice Third Choice
Miami Orlando, FL Tampa, FL South Florida, FL


  • BS, Biology, University of Florida

Biographical Information

I was born in Miami as a first generation Vietnamese-American. I was raised there until moving to Gainesville, Florida to pursue my undergraduate studies and dental degree at the University of Florida. My strong work-ethic stems from my family, as they left their life behind in Vietnam pursue a better life. Their perseverance to succeed despite facing adversity demonstrated how the strength of their work-ethic prevailed. Their unrelenting selflessness in providing for our family fuels me to commit to a profession that can provide that same kind of compassion and magnanimity for patients. Throughout my dental school career, I have been granted the opportunities to participate in volunteer services at various community clinics. Not only have I been able to serve those in local communities, I have also been given the opportunity to travel abroad on mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Jamaica to help those who have no access to dental care. I would like to continue to serve the community once I become a practicing general dentist. In due course, I would like to own my own practice one day and combine my love of all of these aspects of dentistry.

Short Term Practice Goals

After graduation, I plan on practicing as an associate in Florida. During this time, I will continue to further my education by taking CE courses, with a focus on implant dentistry.

Long Term Practice Goals

Ultimately, I would like to own a dental practice where I can continue to use my skills and passion for dentistry as a contributing member of the community, while continuing my education in the years ahead as I pursue an MAGD.

Practice Opportunity

  • Associateship with ownership short term
  • Employee without ownership